Ricky Nixon in crisis

Ricky Nixon’s horoscope shows the following astrological influences:

Saturn 90 degrees Neptune. This suggests he suffers from heavy depression and has serious family problems.

Sun 135 degrees Uranus. This can be associated with a contradictory nature, a muddle-head and a trouble-maker. Brilliance. A rebel, an inventor. It can be found in cases of imprisonment.

Venus 180 degrees Pluto. This can be associated with extraordinary strains or stresses in the love life. A fanatic in love and art. A jealous lover.

Venus 180 degrees Uranus. This can show up as love-adventures, independence in love and unfaithfulness.

Predictions or forecast 2010-11

Throughout 2010-11, transiting Neptune 45 degrees Sun. Possibly great disappointments, health disorders, a disinclination to work, almost losing contact with reality, great disadvantages from personal indulgence. Danger of becoming addicted to drugs.

Between June 2010 and March 2011, transiting Uranus 135 degrees Neptune. This can be unclear in one’s thoughts, unable to make decisions. If one does not have oneself under continuous control, it can lead to detrimental gossip.

Between October 2010 and April-August 2011, transiting Saturn 180 degrees Sun. Greater difficulties than normal, health disturbances, a lack of initiative and alienation from others.

Combining the previous two paragraphs, we have both transiting Neptune and Saturn in aspect to Nixon’s Sun between October 2010 and April-August 2011. This can indicate a serious illness as a result of emotional suffering, where a lot of weight can be lost.

Between December 2010 and October 2011, transiting Pluto is 45 degrees his Saturn. This can be cheated of success in one’s work. Being in a war zone. A need to take special care of one’s health. Being judged very harshly by others.


Douglas Parker

Professional Astrologer since 1981

15 Derby Parade Bonbeach, 3196

Phone: (03) 9772 7954




2 Responses to “Ricky Nixon in crisis”

  1. Steven Says:

    Even with that all that in his chart, I still can’t fathom how he made the choices he ‘allegedly’ did… If I was Reiwoldt I would be jumping ship ASAP!

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