President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt

Mubarak has Uranus 45 degrees his Sun (Sept 2010 to mid Feb 2011). This is an external event forcing (45 degrees) or enforcing a change in his life.

Also Saturn is 90 degrees to his Pluto (Dec 2010- March 2011 and August 2011}. Finding oneself dependent upon external circumstances. Under enormous pressure. The world seemingly against him and being judged very harshly. Self discipline must be exercised.

Mubarak is under extreme pressure.

Jupiter conjunct his Uranus around 19-20 February is most likely when he will step down. This is called the Thank the Lord syndrome,

Pluto is 90 degrees his Uranus (Jan 2011, Aug-Oct 2011), a major life-changing year!

Mubarak is a very sick and exhausted man.

Douglas Parker

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6 Responses to “President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt”

  1. annette Says:

    hi, from canberra. I was just looking at moubarak chart today! Could his moon be 6 scorpio? Interesting to tie his chart with that of usa. What do you think will happen with his jupiter return, coming up to his jup venus conjunction? Personally i still see shenanigans.
    Cheers annette

    • douglasp Says:

      Hi Annette, 🙂 I don’t care. Mubarak is FINISHED, maybe around 19-20 Feb 2011 he will find a way out and say “thank the lord”. Douglas I had this aspect when I “escaped” from long term relationship and (not religious) said TTL 50 times!

    • douglasp Says:

      ps okay I was a couple of days out. Mubarak will be a very relieved man in the next few days. 🙂 Douglas

  2. Bassant Says:

    Mr. Parker, this is a very sincere Hi from Egypt.
    I’m truely amazed with your accurate astro analyses of Mubarak which encourages me ask you the most confusing and the million dollars question of 85 million Egyptians; What is going to happen in Egypt? Who will have the golden key to Egypt’s rulership? What will be the role of Muslem Fundamentals and Brotherhood in our future? Are we going to survive this mess?
    I know this too long a question “questions” but hopefully I/we can find a relief in your foresight.
    Thank you so much and wishes of the best.

  3. Douglas Parker Says:

    Hello Bassant,
    Thank you for your mail. I have researched the horoscopes of many countries on my website: USA, Syria, Australia, Israel, EastTimor etc. It takes a very long time for me to rectify (verify) a country’s horoscope, to be confident enough to make predictions from it, that it actually works. Right now I don’t have the time available to work out the correct Egypt horoscope. But I do know the obvious, people in power do not step down unless forced to do so. I pray your country tolerates all religions and remains a secular state (not run by religious radicals). Best Wishes. Douglas

  4. Bassant Says:

    Thanks Douglas!

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